Candidate Statements

October 16 10:58 PM - by Jan Walsh

In an effort to bring together information regarding the two candidates, Friends of the State Library asked the candidates for statements and then surveyed editorial endorsements of major daily newspapers to determine if the editorials discussed the State Library

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Kim Wyman Speaks Out On the Future of the Washington State Library

September 29 12:23 PM - by Jan Walsh

The Washington State Library is our State’s oldest cultural institution with its roots extending all the way back to before statehood.  It is as important to our State as the Library of Congress is to the Nation.

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Oppose House Bill 2033

March 29 12:57 AM - by Kristy L. Coomes
HB 2033 will be heard before the State Government and Tribal Affairs committee, Thursday, March 31, 2011 at 8 a.m. John O'Brien building House Hearing Room E. If you are in the Olympia area, please attend and sign in as opposed to the bill.

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Washington State Library Budget Cuts—Effective Now

October 8 12:51 PM - by Kristy L. Coomes

The Washington State Library's (WSL) portion of the Governor's budget cuts, effective October 1, 2010, is $364,214. This is based on the portion of general fund-state (state funds) that it receives as a division—about 45% of the state funds allotted to the Office of the Secretary of state (OSOS).

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Broadband in Libraries: Libraries at Light Speed

October 2 4:45 PM - by Kristy L. Coomes

More than 100 public and tribal libraries, most located in rural areas of the state, will receive enhanced high speed broadband connectivity over the next two years. This project is the result of strategic partnerships between the Washington State Library and the Northwest Open Access Network (NoaNet).

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